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Plumtree releases G6

Late yesterday, Plumtree announced the release of their G6 line of products. They have made everything generally available for download for partners and customers at

A couple things have been renamed. The Portal has become the “Foundation,” Content Server has become “Publisher,” Authentication Web Services have become “Identity Services,” Crawler Web Services have become “Content Services,” the .NET Web Controls have had the word “Consumer” tacked on the end, and the EDK (once known as the GDK), is now contained within something called the PDK. Not sure what happened to the WSRP container, but the JSR 168 container has been updated for G6 as well.

The major difference is that the Foundation product and many of the services are now entirely Java-based or entirely C#-based. This means some interesting things, including the fact that although Plumtree is only officially supporting RedHat Linux 3 ES Update 3 right now, there’s a good chance that the Java version will run (and run well) on other versions of Linux and even on Solaris or even Solaris X86.

On Windows, the support matrix includes IIS 6.0 and SQL Server 2000 SP3a.

For the non-Microsofties, Oracle 9i and Oracle 10G (with or without RAC) are supported along with Tomcat 5.0.28, IBM WebSphere 6.0.1 and of course BEA 8.1 SP4.

If you’re just silly like that, you can also run any of those configurations on Windows, but I’d have to ask you “why?!?” if you did. 😉

Major feature differences include a re-tooled (and now web-based) object migration, enhanced subportals (now called user experiences), improved user syncrhonization, enhanced Snapshot Queries and Best Best, and improved tools for integrating existing web applications into the portal.

Everyone at bdg is excited about this release and we look forward to helping our customers upgrade to the latest and greatest, starting whenever they’re ready.


bdg web site updates

We updated the web site today to include bios for Howie and Steve as well as new information about the Plumtree partnership.

bdg Plumtree • BEA AquaLogic Interaction • Oracle WebCenter Interaction

Steve Markoff – welcome to bdg!

I am very pleased to announce that Steve Markoff, an outstanding software engineer with over 10 years of product development experience and a background in Plumtree and open source, has joined the bdg team.

Steve has already been working on a Java- and Plumtree-based product licensing application for one of our marquee customers, Wind River. He also led an effort at Boeing to develop reference documentation and performance testing plans for their Apache and Tomcat configurations.

Prior to joining bdg fulltime, Steve worked on mission-critical applications for Wells Fargo and built a distributed music encoding application for Netscape/AOL that handles millions of records and several terabytes of data. He also integrated web services and caching middleware using a Java and open source stack.

His first encounter with Plumtree was back in 2001 when he designed and built Plumtree’s bug tracking system from the ground up using SQL Server, JDBC, Java, XML, Tomcat and Plumtree. Given that his customer was the incredibly bright and demanding Plumtree engineering team, he had his work cut out for him and he did a stellar job. (I can speak from personal experience, because I used this system myself for several years.)

Prior to contracting at Plumtree, Steve built J2EE web applications on behalf of a startup company called Emerald Solutions that served customers in the gaming, outdoor adventure, and biotech industries. Prior to his startup experience, he spent almost five years working for IBM Global Services where he built client/server and web applications in Java.

Steve graduated cum laude from the CS Honors program at Hamilton College in 1995.

I speak for all of us at bdg when I say that I’m extremely excited to add Steve to our team. Please join me in welcoming him to bdg!

Plumtree • BEA AquaLogic Interaction • Oracle WebCenter Interaction

Butler Group comments on the BEA Plumtree acquisition

I found this post on the Butler Group Blog regarding the BEA Plumtree acquisition to be quite interesting and insightful. Check it out!