RubyNation Community Site Accepting Registrations!

bdg is very proud to be a RubyNation sponsor! The sold-out conference is just two weeks away. However, whether you’re registered or not, if you want to network with other DC-area Rubyists, please take a minute to sign up for the Ruby Nation community, which you can access at

We built this site for RubyNation using our new white-label social networking product for conference attendees and other members of the local Ruby community. This application made its debut at the BEA Participate conference in early May. It attracted over 800 registrants and generated 75,000 page views during the week of the conference. And of course, it’s written entirely in Ruby on Rails.

If you’re coming to RubyNation, thinking about coming to RubyNation (or you’re a Rubyist who wishes he or she could make it to RubyNation), feel free to sign up for the site. Registration is easy and painless. Once you’re in, you can “pimp” your profile with an avatar or photo, links, RSS feeds and products that you know and love. You can view and participate in discussions about each session at RubyNation and you can create and join groups to interact with your peers about a variety of interesting topics about Ruby (or anything under the sun).

So, don’t waste any more time reading about this stuff — come on in and let’s get social at!

Our Web 2.0 Strategy

Here at bdg 2.0, we plan to capture long-tail ecologies by disintermediating citizen-media value while we integrate Cluetrain life-hacks to aggregate user-centered podcasts, blogging and tag clouds that reinvent social ad delivery and syndication while designing rich-client widgets that enable rss-capable peer-to-peer communities to engage user-centered folksonomies.*

*Courtesy of the Web 2.0 B.S. Generator