bdg launches world’s first Plumtree podcast

I’m very pleased to announce that bdg has officially kicked off our very much irregular and irreverent Plumtree podcast!

bdg-podcastPlease download and listen to our first episode, which talks about the background of your host, yours truly, Chris Bucchere; gives a rundown of recent news in the Plumtree world including G6 features and an Odyssey recap; and ends with a trivia challenge.

See if you can be our first winner by answering the question at the end of the podcast. Enjoy!

2 Replies to “bdg launches world’s first Plumtree podcast”

  1. We already have a winner for the trivia contest — Marti Kimble of bdg.

    (Perhaps I should have made bdg employees ineligible. 🙂

    She was quick to point out that the answer to the question is actually contained within this very blog! And I thought I was making things difficult . . . .

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