feedhaus Public Alpha Begins . . . Now!

feedhaus_public_alphaWe’ve put the “Alpha 1” build up and removed the password protection, which marks the beginning of the feedhaus public alpha!

In this build, we’ve repaired a lot of the IE problems (although there are still a few sneaky issues) and revamped the forms along with other parts of the UI. The “add a feed” page is much more robust now — if you enter a web site URL instead of a feed URL, it will actually search the page for one or more feed URL(s) and pre-populate the form for you. (Thanks Andrew for implementing this great feature.)

We’ve also changed our slogan from “What’s Hot Now” to “Be the First to Know.”

One known issues is that the history slider is still a little wonky and it will be for several days (until enough snapshots exist for it to scroll smoothly). This problem will be with us for about a week or so and then it will work itself out. Think of it as feedhaus’ “growing pains.”

So, have at it, folks!

And please report problems and suggestions by commenting on this blog or sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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