New Video: Demo of Conference Social Application

This is a 30-minute clip from the general session at BEA Participate from back in May. Jay Simons and I demo the social application that bdg built for the conference, known now as The Social Collective.

2 Replies to “New Video: Demo of Conference Social Application”

  1. Great video, Chris. This just hints at how much the app helped open up the conference and really let people use the venue beyond just the base sessions (which were cool, too, but if you have all those people at the same site, why not engage them?). I think you pretty much set the bar on my level of expectation for anything I attend from here on out.

    The session scheduling thing just made me go “seriously? why doesn’t everyone do this? why are we still printing paper schedules if we can do this _and_ be able to ask questions, get handouts, and ping other people during the sessions?”

    More people should be using your apps for their conferences. Anything else is going to feel like a waste of time and talent to me 😛

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