Our relationship with BEA + BEAWorld 2006

I often get asked the question: what’s your relationship with BEA?

Without lapsing into buzzword bingo (e.g. synergy), let me just say this: bdg is a BEA “Select Services Partner.” We work on our own or team up with BEA sales and service folks (and sometimes other system integrators as well) to deliver ALUI solutions to our joint customers. Recently, our partner profile was approved by BEA for publication on their web site, where you can get the scoop on what we do here at bdg.

* * *

Considering all the fun we had at last year’s Odyssey, we’re planning on making a big splash at this year’s BEAWorld, which will feature a “Portal Pavilion” to cater to all the old Plumtree customers, partners and fans.

I can’t reveal too much about our plans just yet, but we’re putting out a call to our customers for speaking opportunities and gearing up to defend our “Booth of Pain” title (should we be called upon to do so). Also, if you plan to attend BEAWorld 2006, be sure to stop by the bdg booth to pick up some goodies . . . last year it was mousepads, but this year we’re thinking along the lines of something far less pragmatic. I’ll leave it at that. . . .

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