Podcast Episode 2: What is Plumtree?

bdg-podcastIn today’s podcast (Episode 2: What is Plumtree?), I cover the short and long answers to the question I get asked most often: what is Plumtree? In the long answer, I give the Plumtree story from a historic perspective, talking about when and why each feature was added and what makes each feature relevant to you, the Plumtree developer or Plumtree consumer.

I also answer last week’s trivia question and ask a new question. Lastly, I hint at the subject of several future podcasts.

Enjoy the podcast and please send your feedback (and the answer to the trivia question) to [email protected].

3 Replies to “Podcast Episode 2: What is Plumtree?”

  1. The fact that the answer to the first trivia question was found in a previous blog shows a lot of promise for your blog postings. If the answer can be found in a previous blog, it certainly would entice people to scan through previous postings. Isn’t that the point of having a blog, to have it read?

    I would add a small disclaimer in the future to let people know employees are not eligible.

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