Ruby IDK 5.3 development has begun

We’ve laid down the basic architecture for the Ruby IDK 5.3 and written most of IPortletContext and IPortletRequest. We also now have a test bed application built in Rails, the output of which checks for CSP-Gateway-Type == 'Plumtree', displays your HTTP environment (dumps all the headers) and then proceeds to call each IDK method in IPortletRequest.

This is our first adventure in Ruby and I must say, it’s easy breezy. What a great language! And don’t get me started on how easy it is to prototype a web application with Rails using scaffolding. Makes J2EE seem almost neolithic.

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  1. Over the past week or so we have been adding to our new Ruby IDK. Ruby comes equipped with some very slick methods for manipulating strings – and given the volume of headers that the IDK must handle, these tools prove to be quite handy. Surprisingly, however, Ruby does not provide support for Unicode string processing. As a language 13 years in the making, one might assume that it would include this type of support. In fact, there are many, many forums and discussion groups that rant and rave on this unbecoming irregularity. There are individuals, however, who have tried to offer solutions to the problem. Some have created custom Unicode-handling libraries, while others simply provide tips and “hacks” to awaken Ruby to the existence of the Unicode format. For now we continue to tackle the problem ourselves. We’ll keep you posted as this Ruby Unicode saga continues to evolve.

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