BEAWorld, here we come

All of us at bdg are very excited about BEA World 2006. We’ve got our booth all ready to go, we’ve got bdg mousepads and playing cards to give away along with a brand new 4Gb iPod nano (to one lucky winner). Be sure to stop by our booth, located in the Portal Pavilion, just off the corner of BEA’s main exhibit in the center of the exhibition hall.

On top of all that, I was given a short (but sweet) speaking spot at the ALUI Developer User Group on Monday toward the end of the day (not sure exactly what time). I’ll be presenting on ALUI TagLibs, my favorite topic as of late.

Can’t wait for the big event — see you there!

bdg-podcastOn a related note, the bdg Plumtree Podcast, after an almost one-year hiatus, returned last week with Episode 4. Believe it or not, we’re back today in Episode 5 with our first special guest, long-time Plumtree/ALUI supporter and frequent contributor to the dev2dev forums, Eric Whitley.

Podcast Episode 4: bdg’s take on BEA’s Unified Portal Roadmap

bdg-podcastI’m very pleased to announce that we’ve finally laid down the fourth episode of our podcast, nearly a year after Episode 3!

A lot has happened, a lot has changed, but a few things have stayed the same, including our trivia contest. Check out this episode’s question and e-mail us at [email protected] if you think you know the answer.

A good chunk of this episode covers bdg’s take on BEA’s Unified Portal Roadmap. You can read this press release if you want to get the official word from BEA Systems. Again, I want to remind everyone that I don’t work for BEA, so any opinions expressed on this blog or in the podcast are solely those of Chris Bucchere and bdg.

Enjoy the latest addition to the podcast and be sure to leave me a comment here if you like what you hear (or if you don’t).

Presenting at the DC BUG (BEA dev2dev User Group)

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be the featured speaker at the Washington DC BEA dev2dev User Group on May 11th. You can read the official invite, but here are the basics:

BEA AquaLogic User Interaction Development, Demo & Roadmap

Date: May 11 2006

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm


Tenleytown Ballroom
Embassy Suites Hotel at the Chevy Chase Pavilion
4300 Military Road N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20015 (map)
Metro Red Line – Friendship Heights (take the hotel exit)


Back in October of last year, BEA purchased the market-leading pure-play portal vendor Plumtree Software to provide a user interface to their AquaLogic product line. Hear former Plumtree employee and 10-year portal industry veteran Chris Bucchere explain how Plumtree fits into the AquaLogic framework, how to configure and develop for this revolutionary new platform, and what the future holds for ALUI, including integration with BEA Workshop and the WL Portal. See a demo, do some real-time ALUI portlet development, and get your technical questions answered.