Time to switch search keywords?

The data below are from overture.com. They state how many times the following terms are currently being used in search queries. (I’m not sure if the data collected are only from Google or if they include multiple search engines.)

680 plumtree
67 plumtree software
46 plumtree portal

305 aqualogic
31 aqualogic bea

According to these data, which show that more than twice as many people are searching for “plumtree” than for “aqualogic,” it’s not quite time to insert AquaLogic keywords into bdg-online.com and/or re-brand the bdg Plumtree blog as the bdg AquaLogic blog.

Adoption of the new names takes time, but we’re getting closer.

2 Replies to “Time to switch search keywords?”

  1. Hi Carlous. Nice to hear from you again! It turns out that there is a ray of hope for the .NET-ers. BEA is releasing a .NET Framework 2.0 update for the .NET Web Control Consumer this October. As for Fedora, it’s treating me well although now I’m having my share of problems with Oracle 10g. Any time you install anything, it’s an adventure!

  2. I haven’t been developing anything for our 5.04 portal for over a year. Imagine my chagrin to see the once robust .NET community in shambles over on BEA’s forums. Am I wrong, are there any lights of hope out there in the wilderness? I was reading something about an .NET accelerator being released but have yet to find it. Looks like you are still cranking it out. I was reading your post about Fedora, I have been using Ubuntu, I like it, easy enough for a kid to use. I still prefer Windows though, Ubuntu has to be on Microsofts mind.

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