June 16, 2020 By Christopher Bucchere



<rant>Maybe we don't need to "get back to work." Maybe our dysfunctional government needs to provide assistance to those people whose industries/careers have been put on hold due to COVID-19 instead.

In other words, the government can tell us to stay home, fine, but don't expect us to comply unless we actually can pay our rent/mortgage, utilities, and feed our families. It's not the staying home that's the problem; it's the dissonance that comes from not being able to make ends meet if you're not allowed to leave the house. (I'm lucky that my job encourages me to work from home; otherwise I would be in this exact predicament.)

Now that the dissonance is channeling into rage, you have white people marching in the street with black people demanding that our government wake up and start taking care of its citizens.

That's how we fix this: Not by going back to minimum wage slavery and taxation w/o representation but by marching in the street and sticking our middle fingers up at the system to demand things like a UBI, universal free health care, the elimination of the electoral college, publicly funded elections (w/o corporate influence), and the permanent removal from our government of the stain of all bad-faith actors like Mitch "We paid for 'sin of slavery' by electing Obama" McConnell, Los Angeles DA Jackie "I will shoot you!" Lacey, presumptive Dem nominee Joe "You ain't black!" Biden, former San Francisco DA George "Afghanistan and Yemen terrorists could park a van in front of the Hall of Justice and blow it up" Gascón and Donald "Grab 'em by the pussy" Trump.

Note that I'm equally hard on establishment Democrats as I am on Republicans. It's not the parties that need reform, or even the two-party system: It's that the establishment let a few renegades take over and run away with what was once a semi-functional representative democracy.

And now a microscopic, half-dead, brainless organism is laying that bare for all to see.</rant>

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