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The Economist saw it coming

I don’t know how anyone coulda seen this coming, omg, [clutches pearls] . . . wait!

If the Economist—not exactly a bastion of liberal thought—could see it coming, anyone could see it coming. Republican lawmakers, the assholes who actually read The Economist, saw it coming, BUT their political futures depended on supporting this malignantly narcissistic douchenozzel. Until now, with only a few days left of President Trainwreck, a few have broken ranks.

Those who did, those who are condemning him now? They’re not heroes. They’re pathetic cowards worrying about their political futures, jumping ship not when Trump gave blowies to Putin and Jong-Un, not when he put children in cages, not when he deployed the military on American soil to protect us from a “caravan” of immigrants that never arrived, etc. etc. etc.

Republican lawmakers could have stopped all of this, but they stood by and let this neo-fascist fucktard run away with our country.

All I can say is, VOTE. Like your life depends on it. We need some better politicians.

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