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eSkate POV

Since my 2012 bicycle accident, I’ve been taking HD POV recordings of as much of my riding as possible. One of the first things I learned in criminal court is that the presumption of innocence is complete and total bullshit. You’re guilty from the moment you’re charged and innocence is a misdemeanor—if you’re lucky. Recording every ride is a way to PROVE my innocence, and even though no one should ever have to, this is how I cope given my experience with the criminal justice system.

FWIW, I don’t ride bikes much anymore, but I am doing maybe 50 miles/week on an electric skateboard, and I did an 11 mile loop today. I normally just discard the footage, but this evening I exported a 20x recap of my ride, which gives a sense of the breathtaking experience of skateboarding the southwest quadrant of San Francisco, including riding over the shoulder of Twin Peaks and a descent down Laguna Honda. Maybe soon I’ll post my northwest loop, which is even more beautiful.

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