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Staff Software Engineer, Ridgeline

For more than 25 years I've had the pleasure of building software with some of the finest teams of developers, product owners, and designers in the industry. The software we've created together runs in big pharma companies, federal banks, Apple, Walmart—even the CIA.


How San Francisco created America's first bicycle felon

In the blink of an eye, one life ended and another was changed irrevocably by this tragic accident. I wish that was all to the story. Instead, a politicking DA leaked a very different narrative to the local media, and that led to an unprecedented outcome.



Getting money out of politics

Since 2015, I've been working with Harvard Law Professor and political reformer Lawrence Lessig to help end the corrupting influence of money in US politics. We have a long way to go! But with the organizations he's founded, we've made progress fighting SuperPACs and advocating for some of the most critical issues our democracy faces: voting access, equal representation, and publicly-funded elections. You can find out more by visiting Equal Citizens.

Cucina Mia

Bringing my kitchen to you

On both sides of my Sicilian extended family we had backyard gardeners and outstanding home chefs. Staying true to those traditions, I grow several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and beans and feature them in my cooking. During the pandemic, I built a library of cooking videos and shared them on social media to help people discover how easy it is to make great food at home.