Presenting at the DC BUG (BEA dev2dev User Group)

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be the featured speaker at the Washington DC BEA dev2dev User Group on May 11th. You can read the official invite, but here are the basics:

BEA AquaLogic User Interaction Development, Demo & Roadmap

Date: May 11 2006

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm


Tenleytown Ballroom
Embassy Suites Hotel at the Chevy Chase Pavilion
4300 Military Road N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20015 (map)
Metro Red Line – Friendship Heights (take the hotel exit)


Back in October of last year, BEA purchased the market-leading pure-play portal vendor Plumtree Software to provide a user interface to their AquaLogic product line. Hear former Plumtree employee and 10-year portal industry veteran Chris Bucchere explain how Plumtree fits into the AquaLogic framework, how to configure and develop for this revolutionary new platform, and what the future holds for ALUI, including integration with BEA Workshop and the WL Portal. See a demo, do some real-time ALUI portlet development, and get your technical questions answered.

Watch for deprecated methods in the G6 server API

We’re doing a G6 upgrade at one of our customer sites and we noticed that one of our PEIs (that used to set a user preference) was dying due to our use of APIs that worked in 5.0.4 but no longer work in G6.

(Just for the record, I guess I have a different idea of the meaning of deprecated when it comes to APIs. I thought that if you deprecate an API it means “please don’t use this as it might be removed in future versions of the API.” For BEA AquaLogic, I guess it means “this method just doesn’t work any more.”)

Here’s an example: AddPersonalSetting has been replaced by AddPreference.

public Redirect OnAfterLogin(Object userSession, ApplicationData applicationData)
IPTSession session = ((IPTSession)userSession);
session.GetMyPages().OpenPage(0 - userId)
.AddPersonalSetting("UserSettingName", "UserSettingValue");

Here’s the new G6 way to do this:

public Redirect OnAfterLogin(Object userSession, ApplicationData applicationData)
IPTSession session = ((IPTSession)userSession);
.AddPreference("UserSettingName", "UserSettingValue", 0);

Mingle posted on the BEA/Plumtree Code Share

I’m very pleased to announce that Mingle, a prototype of a BEA/Plumtree Web 2.0 social networking application, has been posted on the BEA/Plumtree Code Share!

Mingle was bdg’s winning entry in Odyssey 2005’s Booth of Pain competition.

Mingle features a set of adaptive portlets that work together to help people find one another and form social networks based on personal interests, physical proximity, etc. The portlets consist of:

Adaptive User Search (JSP): each keystroke issues an EDK/PRC search API call to help people find other people quickly and easily. Clicking on a person re-focuses the Network Browser, causing the browser to center on that person’s network.

Network Browser (Java/JSP): built as a Java applet leveraging an opensource hyperbolic graphing project (HyperGraph), this portlet shows the physical connections between people and allows you to browse the network.

Featured Person Profile (JSP): when a person double-clicks on another person in the Network Browser, this portlet shows that person’s complete user profile, include all the EOD attached to that user (Name, Address, Hobbies, etc.). Hobby Links (C#.NET): when a person clicks on the featured person’s hobby of choice, this portlet makes an adaptive request to to download social bookmarks relevant to the hobby.

Google Map Locator (HTML/Javascript): when a person clicks on the feature person’s address, this portlet makes an adaptive request to a free geocoder and then to Google Maps to display an interactive map of the person’s address in the portal.

Mingle is bdg’s second open source offering to the BEA/Plumtree community. You can download the source and install it on your own BEA/Plumtree deployment.

Have fun, and if you run into problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Same old products, fancy new names

With the acquisition of Plumtree by BEA in the books, all of the Plumtree products we know and love have received new monikers.

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you map the old names to the new ones:

Portal/Foundation –> AquaLogic Interaction
Collaboration –> AquaLogic Interaction Collaboration
Studio –> AquaLogic Interaction Studio
Process –> AquaLogic Interaction Process
Content/Publisher –> AquaLogic Interaction Publisher
Analytics –> AquaLogic Interaction Analytics
AWS/PWS/CWS/SWS, Portlets & EDK Extensions –> AquaLogic Interaction Packaged Integration Services

I also heard (from someone on the inside) that no new releases of the newly branded AquaLogic family are planned until 2007.

Plumtree Odyssey+ADC 2005 wrap-up

With a resounding victory this morning in the Booth of Pain, bdg put the wraps on what will probably be the last Plumtree Odyssey.

We sent five people this year: me (President & CEO), Eric Bucchere (Account Manager) and Rich Weinhold (Plumtree Developer) representing the East Coast and Howie Bagley (VP Sales & Service) and Steve Markoff (Plumtree Architect) representing the West Coast. We had the opportunity to meet many of you at our booth – thank you for stopping by and introducing yourselves! In the upcoming weeks we’ll be raffling off the iPod Nano that was on display in our booth. If you asked us to follow up with you, expect to receive a follow up call or e-mail in the next 2-3 weeks.

Although the official feedback has not been tallied up yet, the talk we gave with Wind River was standing room only and I personally received lots of positive comments including one person who said that our session was the highlight of this year’s Odyssey. Another piece of feedback I got from Jack Jones of DTIC was that without our training (given in 2004), they would have gotten nowhere with their Plumtree project.

Winning the Booth of Pain competition was the icing on the cake. Despite the heat, the claustrophobic booth and numerous distractions from David Meyer (including scaling my booth, firing projectiles at me and scrawling the word “LOSER” across my booth with Silly String), I was able to compile and assemble the PTMingle application in about 25 or 30 minutes and then give a demo, which was very well received by the audience. In a humorous moment, I clicked on a hobby link related to “Romance Novels” and it displayed a half naked, hunky long haired dude with a cheesy smile (think Fabio). I quickly closed the window amid quite a bit of laughter from the audience.

PTMingle at this point is no more than a concept application/prototype, but expect to see the code used in the Booth of Pain competition up on the Code Share within the next few days. Plumtree data visualization in hyperbolic trees, profile integration with and Google maps integration are all hot topics right now and all areas of interest that bdg would like to pursue, so you should keep an eye out for more offerings from bdg that exhibit these features.

In closing, I wanted to send a resounding THANK YOU out to Yi Hong Xu of Wind River for her help with the presentation, to Mattias Cudich for plugging this blog during his Holland presentation (more on this later), to all of you who attended our presentation or the Booth of Pain, to all of you who stopped by our booth and last but certainly not least to the stellar team of bdg-ers who made this event a huge success for bdg.

On a personal note, this year’s Odyssey had a bittersweet feel for me. It was my sixth Odyssey, having attended four as a Plumtree employee, two as a bdg-er and missing just one (in 2003) and it will most likely be the last. We do, however, look forward to seeing all of you again next year at BEA World in San Francisco.

Look for more posts from me regarding the material presented at Odyssey, especially on Project Holland, which has exciting implications for future BEA/Plumtree offerings.

bdg takes Plumtree Odyssey+ADC by storm

We’re going for a big splash this year at the final Odyssey+ADC while Plumtree is still, well, Plumtree.

Plumtree just released the onsite guide showing bdg in several places, so I figured it was time to announce our plans for this great user conference, which takes place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

For starters, we’re sponsoring at the bronze level, which includes a booth in the partner pavilion. At the booth, we’ll be handing out bdg mouse pads, marketing literature about PTSkinz and the PHP EDK, giving demos of PTSkinz and giving away an iPod Nano!

In addition to our booth presence, we’ll be co-presenting on Monday at 3:30 PM in the Regency 2 ballroom with Plumtree and bdg customer Wind River. The topic of our presentation is “Keeping it Simple: Best Practices in User Interface Design and Customization.”

Lastly, we’ll be competing in the Booth of Pain, a coding competition that will show attendees how to assemble a composite application in Plumtree from source code. That takes place at 10:15 AM on Wednesay in the Diplomat 3,4 & 5 ballrooms.

Please stop by our booth, pick up a free mouse pad, register to win an iPod Nano and join us for our presentation with Wind River and/or the Booth of Pain.

We look forward to seeing you at Odyssey!