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The Plumtree founding fathers — where are they now?

The short answer: one is retired, two are involved in real estate (one as a business and one as a hobby) and one is seeking his next adventure while investing in promising Web 2.0 start-ups.

Joe McVeigh

I heard through the grapevine that Joe has invested part of his personal fortune in Skobee (web site, blog), a Web 2.0 online community where you can organize events, sort of like evite meets MySpace, I guess. Honestly, I still haven’t quite figured out a use for it, but to its credit, it has a nice UI, well-written copy and a very cool intelligent e-mail integration that gromms out keywords from e-mails and uses them to create events.

Joe and his wife Julia recently had a baby girl (Jacqueline). Joe and his family still reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and Joe claims to be seeking out the next big thing. If anyone can find it, he certainly can.

Glenn Kelman

Glenn moved to the Seattle, WA area and recently got married. He’s now the CEO of Redfin, a real estate company that focuses on San Francisco and Seattle. They’ve been getting some pretty good press lately — I’ll be keeping my eye on them for sure. According to his bio on the Redfin site, Glenn also serves on the board of Naviance, a hosted service for schools and colleges.

Kirill Sheynkman

Far and away the most enigmatic of the three founders, Kirill is officially in retirement, although I suspect he’s also looking for something to keep him busy (as people with his IQ probably don’t much enjoy watching the grass grow). He currently lives in NYC and as a hobby, seems to have put together a real estate calculator of sorts called House Math. He also smokes a pack a day, blogs (although somewhat infrequently) and rants about various topics from Bali and Saddam to the financial outlook for MSFT and GOOG.