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Running ALI on SQL Server 2005 Express

    1. Download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. As with SQL Server 2000, make sure you select “mixed” authentication mode instead of Windows only.
    2. Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.
    3. Open the Management Studio and create your database. Then, right click on the database and set “SQL Server 2000 Compatibility Mode.”
    4. Create your database user and grant rights to the new database (just as you would for SQL Server 2000).
    5. Script your database (just as you would for SQL Server 2000).
    6. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Under SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration, select Protocols for SQL2005. Double click on TCP/IP and make sure that it’s enabled and set to run on a static port (1433) for all IP addresses.

You should be good to go! (Remember that this is not a configuration supported by BEA, but it works well for development purposes.)


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  • Cool. I think ALI also works on Oracle 10g XE. I will give it a shot next week.

    Posted by: twang on February 8, 2008 at 10:28 PM

    • Indeed it does. You might want to refer to this post for tips on getting ALI running on Oracle 10g XE on Linux. Some of the tips probably apply to Windows too.

      Posted by: bucchere on February 9, 2008 at 8:11 AM