Since 2015, I’ve been the CTO for Lawrence Lessig, overseeing the technical operations of Equal Citizens, Equal Votes, America in One Room, Fix the College, Give Joe a Chance, and other projects.

When Lessig ran for president in 2016, I built and launched a fundraising engine that generated over a million dollars in a month, which we (ironically?) invested in a campaign against corporate political fundraising. I’ve been hooked on politics ever since.

In 2018, I launched a personal activism project, campaigning against George Gascón, the district attorney who railroaded me into a felony conviction by lying to the media repeatedly, turning my bicycle accident into the Crime of the Century™ and turning me into a reckless, heartless villain. (I published a book about what actually happened.)

In Los Angeles in the spring of 2020, Gascón narrowly won a runoff, and then won the general election, giving him purview the largest jurisdiction in the country. Not surprisingly, he’s already being recalled after just 90 days in office, by the LA version of the very same law-and-order ilk he turned against me to garner public support for my conviction.

Justice sometimes works in mysterious ways.

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