My 20-year industry-spanning career has included helping grow Plumtree Software from a 25-person to a 450-person company that was acquired by BEA (and then by Oracle). For 10+ years, I ran a professional services company, managing my own software developers and teams of designers, product managers, and engineers on behalf of companies and projects in high security federal environments, fintech, pharma, aerospace, media, politics, and large corporate events. I spun four commercial products out of this company, one of which won a prestigious award and another which powered the scheduling and social networking for SXSW, Oracle Open World, The National Performing Arts Festival of South Africa and scores of other events.

I’ve also worked in engineering management and other leadership roles at several startups in the events and entertainment space.

In my “free” time, I’m an author, activist, and professional public speaker.

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