Cucina Mia

Carrying the torch passed down by a long line of Sicilian nonne, I’ve been cooking since I was old enough to reach the countertop. I also lucked into another cooking tradition: an exchange student from Thailand lived with my family for four years, teaching me how to re-create authentic Thai dishes as well, which sometimes cross-pollinate with Italian ingredients. Never saying no to where my stomach leads me, I dabble in Mediterranean, Indian, California-inspired Mexican, and American comfort food, always falling back on the Sicilian delicacies that I love.

  • Osso Bucco Papardelle

I maintain a San Francisc0 sourdough culture and regularly bake bread, homebrew my own kombucha, mash my own Thai curry paste, extract my own cocktail syrups, and make my own cheese, ya know: all the hipster shit. I’ve posted hundreds of photos of my creations on Facebook as well as scores of instructional videos and recipes.

Cucina Mia might be “my kitchen” but sharing my food and process with others brings me incredible joy.