Handy Startup Script for ALUI G6 on *nix

I just wrote a nice little startup script for ALUI G6 on *nix. If you want to use it, place a file in /etc/init.d called “plumtree” with the following contents:


. /opt/plumtree/pthome.sh

case "$1" in
   $PT_HOME/ptportal/6.0/bin/automationserverd.sh start
   $PT_HOME/ptws/6.0/bin/apiserviced.sh start
   $PT_HOME/ptdr/6.0/bin/drserverd.sh start
   $PT_HOME/ptsearchserver/6.0/bin/searchserverd.sh start
   $PT_HOME/ptupload/6.0/bin/plumtreefileuploadd.sh start
   /opt/httpd/bin/apachectl.pt start

   $PT_HOME/ptportal/6.0/bin/automationserverd.sh stop
   $PT_HOME/ptws/6.0/bin/apiserviced.sh stop
   $PT_HOME/ptdr/6.0/bin/drserverd.sh stop
   $PT_HOME/ptsearchserver/6.0/bin/searchserverd.sh stop
   $PT_HOME/ptupload/6.0/bin/plumtreefileuploadd.sh stop
   /opt/httpd/bin/apachectl.pt stop

Now make the script executable:

%>chmod +x /etc/init.d/plumtree

To run all the ALUI components, type:

/etc/init.d/plumtree start

To stop them, use

/etc/init.d/plumtree stop

If you want to start ALUI automatically when the server comes up, do this (assuming you want ALUI to start at run level 3):

ln -s /etc/init.d/plumtree /etc/rc3.d/S50plumtree

Of course you need to make sure that Oracle is started first if you go this route. If you’re not running all the ALUI services on the same machine (not a recommended configuration, but good for development), you’ll need to edit the script above to start and stop only the components you have installed on each server. Enjoy!

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